Ruby and Rails Ruined my life.

I'm a PHP developer by trade. I work w/ MVC architecture with a framework built by a friend of mine. And I used to think it was amazind developing with it.

And in a backwards fashion, I met rails... Who introduced me to Ruby. My social life is suffering and working with PHP every day drives me nuts :wink:

You are not alone... And I must use a PHP clone of Rails: Symfony.


Rails ruined my career. It happens.

and in a few years, we’ll move to something else :slight_smile:

It is the way of IT.

We start something new and fresh. We swallow a hundreds of pages, documents, technical specifications and then ... move on.

I do not know about you but I am a problem solver. That is what I like to do and that is what I am doing for the last 10+ years in this IT industry.

I like to learn to use a new tool and to solve problems in a new intelligent creative manner. There is no prettier picture than to see a world from a new perspective.

Is it hard?

I can't tell. I do it every day, almost every spare moment and I like it. It is my profession but most of all it is my passion and my hobby. Hobby can't be hard.

The only certain thing in life is the change.

I agree 100% I get bored when things are too easy, or too routine.