Rubricks - CMS on Rails

Shouta Ohnishi wrote:

Eric Wagoner wrote:

However, I couldn't figure out how to go about using it once it was installed. From watching the movie, I understood users and the box model for the pages, but couldn't figure out how to add real content to the pages.

Sorry, Current version of Rubricks has no real content, only System Component. We are making News Component now, and will release it next week.

Our current release plan is follow:

April : News Component May : RSS Component,Search Block June : Official Theme2, Calendar Block July : Todo Component,Forum Component,Dash Board(like mac os x tiger)

Instead of real contents,you can try to install 'Hello World' component now. - rubricks Resources and Information.

P.S. We'll give out documents for developing components soon. We're dreaming of enriching of components like XOOPS.



I wonder if there are people here who installed and used Rubricks since Shouta San sent this announcement.

I am looking for a CMS system which I will be using as the skeleton of an application I want to develop, and I just had a look at the current version of Rubricks. I think it looks very promising.

So if anyone have experience / extensions or whatever to share, I'd be happy to know.