rspec-rails-2.4.0 is released!

### rspec-rails-2.4.0 / 2011-01-02

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* Enhancements
  * include ApplicationHelper in helper object in helper specs
  * include request spec extensions in files in spec/integration
  * include controller spec extensions in groups that use :type => :controller
    * same for :model, :view, :helper, :mailer, :request, :routing

* Bug fixes
  * restore global config.render_views so you only need to say it once
  * support overriding render_views in nested groups
  * matchers that delegate to Rails' assertions capture
    ActiveSupport::TestCase::Assertion (so they work properly now with
    should_not in Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.1)

* Deprecations
  * `include_self_when_dir_matches`