RScribd - Stream documents on your website

RScribd is a Ruby gem that lets you stream documents (typically PDF's,
but also Word docs, presentations, RTF files, and more) on your website.
It leverages Scribd's API and iPaper viewer to present a document
viewing and hosting experience independent of Adobe Reader.

Scribd will host your documents in their original format, free of
charge, and make them available for download. Your documents will also
be converted into a platform-independent Flash version that can be
viewed directly in the user's browser using the iPaper viewer:

The Ruby gem allows you to upload, categorize, tag, organize, and search
documents. You can associate these documents with users on your website
-- so, for instance, if you run a job-hunting website, you can use
RScribd to allow your users to post their resumes, which will be hosted
by Scribd and streamed to your website.

I've written the gem to be as Ruby-like as possible. With only a few
lines of code you can add document-sharing features to your site easily.
Check out the RDocs at for usage examples.

Sign up for an API account at (yeah,
signing up sucks, but this is a hosted service, so bear with me! At
least it's free :slight_smile: ).

Let me know your thoughts, too!

Tim Morgan
Scribd, Inc.


Great idea. Does rscibd also open text search inside the documents?
Can end users on the client site tag documents?


Yes, it does fulltext searching; no, only authors can tag their

Tim Morgan
Scribd, Inc.

michael.l wrote: