RS232 in ruby

is it possible in
Ruby to interface with a device through a RS232 serial connection?

I want to connect my Windows XP computer with a medical device through
RS232 - get data from the device and send it messages.

A Google search for

ruby “serial port”

turns up several hits that look worthwhile. There are even a couple that are Windows-specific.


i have got a library named Win32Serial Extension Library for Ruby
but i dont know the steps to use it..!
if any one knows plzz explain me in detail

Craig Demyanovich wrote:

Mine is a web application. My server is in linux
any way to get it worked for linux..

Shanmu Varatharajank wrote:

Depending on what other libraries you use it might be easier to call out
to some native C libraries to perform the RS232 work. It's not like
performance is going to be much of an issue with RS232. You'll spend
well over 90% of your time waiting for data to flow into the port.

Not sure if that's a workable solution, just a thought.

Shanmu Varatharajank wrote:

Hi, you might want to post your question here

because your question is targeted to Ruby instead


Good luck,