rows go missing through apache, but works fine in mongrail


In my site, I have implemented a functionality where we can fetch upto
100000 rows and display all of it at one shot on the GUI, through Java

Now, when I start my client through mongrail ( ./script/server -e
production ), I can see all the rows that get fetched from the DB.
However, through Apache, some of the rows go missing at random ( the
number of rows that go missing is random ).

Also, in the Java Console, I see the exception
"Java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Match Found", which again is random
( I mean rows go missing with or without this exception on the screen ).

I am using IE-7. Also, I found the missing rows, but we can see them on
the GUI, if the count of rows to be shown on GUI is less ( say around
100 ), but the issue of missing rows through apache is being seen only
if the count of rows to be shown on GUI is 1000 or more.

Please suggest, its kinda urgent.


This sounds like an Apache and Java timing/buffering issue. Since this is a forum for Ruby on Rails I doubt you will find the answers you are looking for here since you are neither using Ruby nor Rails.


The error in the console isn't very helpful - all it means is that
something in the code has asked for the result of a group in a regex
that didn't match.

I suspect, as Bryan mentioned, that this is an issue with some bit of
software in the stack dropping data and sending an incomplete
response. You may want to try using a client like wget or curl to
inspect what's *actually* coming back from Apache.

--Matt Jones