routing to the main www subdomain for specific controllers

Check out

I have a high-priority filter in ApplicationController like this:

   # Prevents account sites from accessing to the public side. This filter
   # assumes the root page is not under public, which is to be expected, and
   # redirects there if needed.
   def check_access_to_public
     if controller_name == 'public' && account_subdomain != 'www'"attempt to access to a public action from an account site")
       redirect_to_url account_url(account_subdomain)
       return false

It does not do what you want, but that filter depicts a possible approach.

If your controllers do not mix public and private actions that filter may suffice. A set of controller names would be used instead of the hard-coded 'public' (my app has all the public stuff served by a single controller). If there are too many as you suggested in a previous mail, then you could have abstract controllers AbstractPublicController, AbstractPrivateController between ApplicationController and the rest, and test is_a?(AbstractPublicController).

The redirection would be different as well, but you see the idea.

-- fxn