Routing Error when using "Net::HTTP.start" but doesn't occur when testing via Browser

Hi all,

I’m stuck on a Routing Error I’m getting when calling my application (App2) from a test/stub application (App1), however when I enter the same request to App2 via the browser I do NOT get this routing issue and it works.

My problem is in more detail (if anyone can help) that:

[1] when I call an action in App2 from App1 I get a ROUTING ERROR, “Recognition failed for /mycontroller/myaction” - this seems to come from App2’s inbuilt Rails framework which somehow sees a routing problem and immediately sends back a “Routing Error” message without ever getting to my code within App2.

[2] when I use the browser with same “http://localhost:3000/mycontroller/myaction” URL (i.e. that App1 seems to be correctly producing, although I don’t have a HTTP trace mechanism to 100% prove this) App2 seems to work fine

[3] again I don’t see any log info turn up in App2 (as if the rails framework picked up on the routing error first and then bounced it prior to my code getting involved)
[4] some details of my code below

Code Used (which resides in App1 running on port 3001 - it’s calling App2 running on port 3000)
url = " http://localhost:3000/mycontroller/myaction
uri = URI.parse(url)
response = nil
Net::HTTP.start(, uri.port) do |request|
response =, postData)

Note that "response.body
" here gives:

Action Controller: Exception caught <>

Routing Error

Recognition failed for "/mycontroller/myaction"

Browser Test

  • Yet when I call the same URL from my browser it works (and doesn’t give this message). The URL I use here would be:


Any ideas/help? I can’t seem to see what I’m doing wrong. Any way to trace the HTTP coming directly into App2 to see for myself what Rails is doing? What about a way to turn up the logging/trace for rails re HTTP?

Thanks in advance
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You could print/log debug information from the Dispatcher.dispatch method where a ActionController::CgiRequest gets created.

Also note that you are doing a GET in your browser test, but a POST with Net::HTTP.

Hi, are you really posting data to the form location? If this is
truly the case, you can do something like the following:


require 'net/http'
require 'uri'

url = " http://localhost:3000/mycontroller/myaction "
res = Net::HTTP.post_form( URI.parse( url ), post_data )

puts res.body


Note: The post data should be represented as a hash.

Good luck,


to give some more detail calling application is my PalPal stub, and it’s making a HTTP call to my application to simulate the PalPal IPN call. So all I have in my application is a “handle_IPN” action in my PayPal controller. Does this clarify things?

I’ll try the “Net::HTTP.post_form” approach instead of “Net::HTTP.start” then to see if this helps…I don’t fully understand the difference. Perhaps I need to use a Net:HTTP method that simulates a GET rather than a POST? (noting James’s point)