I'm trying to add some Ajax functionality. I have a table with rounds. When the user enters the page I want the first thing he does is to enter the number of rounds into a text field. Then I want a table to appear or "blind_down" below it. I so far have:

<% remote_form_for([:school, :team, @game], :url => { :action => 'save_rounds', :id => @game }, :complete => visual_effect(:blind_down, 'standings')) do |f| %>

<p><label for="rounds"><strong>Rounds</strong></label><br/> <%= f.text_field :rounds, :value => 5 %></p>

  <p> <%= submit_tag "Update" %></p>

<% end %>

def save_rounds     Game.find(params[:id]).rounds = params[:game][:rounds]     render :action => "new" end