Rough sketch for a website

I have waded through the Rails Tutorial book (for Rails 3.2). I still am a Rails newbie, but have experience with other languages.

Now I need to put together a biggish website for a book publisher. It will include the web store (with hopefully rich materials for each book), and a multi-user blog. Also other stuff, like the usual static pages for contact information, sales conditions etc…

I imagine I could start with some CMS solution, then inside it install both Spree web store solution and some blog solution (like Typo). Both Spree and Typo are Engines, so it should be possible to install them in subdirectories - though I have no idea yet how.

Where should I get the basic structure for the site? I would like a possiblity to create pages dynamically from the admin pages. I have coded this feature before with Lasso language, but maybe there are ready-made solutions for Rails?

Any pointers? I really only need some pointers to show me direction. If someone is going to say “program it yourself”, I would be grateful for some tips that would make it easier. I would not want to write bad code, if I can avoid it.

  • Jussi

Use small iterations - take the very first and tiniest thing you can do and do it. Then open it up for critique by people here.