[ROR]use rails to operate SQLite3 error.

I encountered the following problem with sqlite3:

databases table:


username passworld
bb.qnyd@gmail.com 05c0693789f977b3eb0902eb568d498f

I operate in the rails which :

Member.find_by_username_and_password(“bb.qnyd”,“05c0693789f977b3eb0902eb568d498f”) => nil

However, some can return the correct results

I run the sql statement:select * from member password=“05c0693789f977b3eb0902eb568d498f”,notice: not found

This is sqlite3 bug??

Please post these types of questions to the rubyonrails-talk mailing list. rubyonrails-core is reserved for discussion about the internals of the framework.

ok,I sorry! I use gmail auto-complete.