ROR - UK - Market update

Market update - UK

We have seen an increase in positions at a more senior level and a decrease of more junior positions as of late. This may be two fold either firms are hiring directly for juniors or there is simply a bigger demand for seniors in the present market.

It is no secret in this market that ROR Developers are hard to hire and the recent months have been no different, however, we have not seen a huge increase in salaries since January this year. It does seem that ROR is still an attractive technology to learn with over 25% of developers having joined the community over the last two years; Thus the community is still growing and jobs are still in abundance.

We are hiring as always and our candidate pool has mainly been created by referrals. If you or anybody you know may be looking please let us know and we can have a confidential chat about the roles we have available.

Charlie - 0207 850 7484