ROR+PHP+shopping cart

Dear comrades,

I tried the act_as_tree template of ROR. I found it clumsy, slow.... for
a drag and drop workable solution of a shopping cart. I have a ready
made shopping cart written in PHP and a ROR web page with
restful_authentication. Could I force a marriage or a liaison between
the unwilling partners ? Could anyone direct me to any resources so that
I could be enlightened?

Dror Chung

acts_as_tree sounds like an extremely odd choice for a shopping cart. Something for maintaining a database representation of a tree structure seems completely unrelated to a drag and drop shopping cart.
The answer to your question probably depends on exactly what you want to do (ie how does the rails site relate to the php bits, what must they share etc...)


Frederick Cheung wrote:

Tks Fred,

I have a ready made PhP shopping cart .
I have a ready made ROR model with restful authentication.
These models share a common MYSQL database.
My simple and naive idea is combine them together,
Perhaps you could enlighten me how to develop a shopping cart for my ROR

Dror Chung

Perhaps you could enlighten us and tell us why a shopping cart needs to be
a tree data structure?

Perhaps the product categorization needs to be a tree structure.


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Eno wrote:

Spree is another option you might want to consider.