RoR performance analyis

Bruno Sousa wrote:

Does anyone knows any article, post (blog), research that treats about "Performance analysis of Ruby on Rails applications on web servers implemented on load balancing clusters"?

What would you specifically like to know? At RailsCluster we've got such a setup, but I am not sure what you'd like to analyze and why that's specific to load balancing clusters.

Bruno Sousa wrote:

I am looking for a comparison of different rails cluster solutions to get to know which one is faster.

We do clustering in hardware, which is the fastest.

I'm not sure what the fastest software reverse proxy is, also depending on whether you want to do layer 4 or layer 7 balancing. I suppose the contestants are Apache, nginx, Squid, Varnish, Pen, Pound, LVS, and probably others. You should be able to find pairwise comparisons on Google.