RoR occasional contract programmer needed - maintenance & upgrades

RoR contract programmer needed - maintenance & upgrades

We are a web development company hosting on *NIX servers. We primarily work in Apache, PHP & MySQL.

However, we have a couple of legacy sites in RoR/mongrel administered by SVN that from time to time need troubleshooting, maintenance, server work & upgrades.

We will be looking soon to move these sites to all new hosting.

Immediate need is to troubleshoot one issue and resolve it.

We are looking for a contract programmer, preferably located in New Mexico. Payment will be by 1099 for actual billable work performed, not to include too much research add-on time. You will provide an hour based invoice, so please respond to this ad with your hourly rate and your typical availability and normal response time (to respond to questions)

Jobs will occur infrequently, but may have major upgrades or emergencies from time to time that you will be called in on.

It is understood that you have another full time/day job and that this work has to fit into the margins of your availability, however email response is expected within 24 hours simply to keep lines of communication open.

Would prefer a settled & mature individual with an adult sense of responsibility.

Please send URLS of samples or your work done in RoR along with a description of the work that YOU specifically did at each site. Also please include a brief narrative of why this position works for you long term.