RJS & ReferenceError


is there a way to suppress rjs error messages, because i am trying to check if some variable is present, with (variable == undefined), but rjs stops processing and throws out error, because there is >>reference error<<. Whatever, this is javascript, you cannot have reference error in javascript…

BTW: i know i could just create a javascript file, and assign undefined values to variables, but that would kinda suck.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You must be mistaken...

i have this code:
if(timer == undefined)
timer = setTimeout(\"effect = new fx.Opacity($('login_message'),
{duration: 2000, onComplete: function() { timer =
undefined;}}).toggle();\", 2000);

You can probably see what i am trying to accomplish.

And it work if i use it like a regular javascript, which means putting
it in external .js file or "inlineing" it html file, but when i use
this inside rjs file with page << ".." directive, i get rjs warnig
about reference error.

some more fun:

page << " alert(typeof timer); ", messaged that timer is undefined, and
right after i pressed ok, a new alert popped up whining about rjs
reference error

Update: (typeof timer == 'undefined') worked