RJS problem


Try page["current_product"].replace_html ...

I don't think the symbol form will work. Also check the javascript
being passed back to the page from your RJS. The following post will
show you how:

Hope this helps.

You might try the older syntax of:

page.replace_html 'current_product', :partial => 'score', :object => @p

There are other issues too. You are assigningg @p to the implicit
local variable score in the partial which you never use. So assigning
:object => @p is not needed according to the code in your partial.
This wouldn't cause the problem your seeing though.

page[:score#{@p.id}] will not give you what you want.

Try page["score#{@p.id}"] to get the substitution working right. The
reason your not seeing anything is because of the error in your RJS
syntax. That's why the ajax debugging shows those errors (from your
last post).

Also, did you try this syntax?

page.replace_html "score#{@p.id}", :partial => 'score', :object => @p