RJS & increment variable - this is an interesting one

I use the same idea for enabling users to add infinite number of
attachments and other things. However, I don't use a variable and
increment, instead I use the time as follows:

<% index = Time.now.tv_sec %>
<input id="attachment_data" name="attachment[<%=index%>][data]"
size="30" type="file" />

Hi Mike,

when the action "add_new" of controller "Goals" is called, a new
instance of Goals controller is created and hence previous value of
@task is no more accessible in add_new.
Hence when you have something like this "@task = @task.succ " in your
add_new method, it will give error, since @task is not defined and you
are trying to invoke nil.succ.

You need to persist @task across requests, 1 way is to use sessions.
Another approach could be the one mentioned by Ahmed.