rjs behaving oddly in IE - POST performed after the GET

I'm not sure if this is an IE-only thing, but it seems to only happen in IE. My view has a simple submit_tag which calls an action 'generate' on my controller which I'll call 'foo'. At the end of the generate method, I do the following:

respond_to do |format|     format.html     format.rjs         render :update do |page|           page.show "div1"           page.show "div2"           page.replace_html "div1", some_text           page.visual_effect :highlight, "div1"        end    end end

Now in index.html.erb for this controller, "div1" is set to hidden. In firefox when I run this, the div shows up correctly and gets populated with some_text and everything works as expected. In IE however, the same thing happens, but almost immediately after the div shows up and is populated correctly, IE then redirects to http://my.page.com/foo/generate, which results in a blank page since my generate.html.erb file is empty (since I dont actually want to ever be at this url).

Looking at my apache access logs, it is clear that in Firefox, when I do the submit, there is a GET request passed to /foo/generate with a bunch of parameters for the form, and thats it. In IE, the same thing happens, but it is followed by a POST to /foo/generate without any parameters afterwards which causes the blank page to be shown.

Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on?

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have ANY clues as to what might be happening?

I figured this out where the culprit is, and its because I'm using jQuery with jRails, and it looks like it must be overriding the form_remote_tag call in such a way where it looks to be making GET calls on the submit instead of POSTS. As soon as I strip out all my jQuery and jRails dependencies it works fine. Very strange still that it seemed to only manifest itself in IE.