rflickr search tool display total returned photos

Hi, im not really sure I understand what you are looking for… its been a while since I worked with rflickr.

You seem to be passing a collection of objects to the view in your first action - do you want the number of elements in that collection?

if so


if you are struggling to display this in the view I would do this.

in your view:

then in your search action

def search
your code up to before the render
render :update do |page|
page.replace_html “photos”, render :partial => “photo”, :collection => #{that long line with the nils}
page.replace_html “image_count”, “#{(that long line with the nils).size} photos were found.”


this will add the count in the same action and negate the need for a seperate action to do that.

am I missing something?