retrieving indexed words from Ferret

Hello everyone.

Let us say I have a simple blog application, with ferret set up and
running, performing searches on posts and comments (which are using

My question is:
is it possible, for each object which acts_as_ferret (let us take, for
example, a post), to retrieve the list of words indexed by ferret in
that very object?

Thanks in advance.



say we have a product with a ferret index on description, then

@product = Product.find(11665955) "FOO: #{@product.content_for_field_name(:description)}"

would give you something on that line

Well, I tried this, but it returns me the whole content of the indexed
field. Isn't Ferret supposed not to index stopwords? I know it does
because if i try to perform a ferret search using, for example, the
keyword "The", I get no results (even if this keyword is contained in
some of my records).

Alternatively, is there a way to clean up a string from the stopwords
used by ferret?

Thanks in advance