RestfulRouteVersion 0.2 for making API versioning easier

Hi folks,

Restful_route_version makes it easier for programmers to create
different version of REStful or RESTlike APIs.

It extends Rails routing api, making following possible:

version_namespace :api do
  version_namespace(:v10,:cache_route => true) do
    resources :articles
    resources :comments
    resources :notes

  version_namespace(:v11, :cache_route => true) do
    inherit_routes("/api/v10", :except => %w(articles))
    resources :articles
    resources :tags

But it goes beyond that, for all the inherited routes, it
automatically defines new version of controllers, which inherit the
previous versions. However, if you wish you can override specific
controllers and actions, and it stays out the your way. It also comes
with a inherited view resolver - and hence lets you have inheritable
templates on Rails 3.0.x series.

This is a Rails 3 compatible release of gem and should work with Rails
3.1 as well.

More details:

Any questions or feedback is most welcome.

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