Restful droppable delete

I have a list of pages from which I want to delete one. This I want to
do with draggable/droppable(trash can like). Which, strange enough,
does not work.

This does work:
link_to_remote("delete", :url => project_wiki_page_path(@project,
page), :method => :delete, :title =>project_wiki_page_path(@project,

But this doesn't:

<script type="text/javascript">Droppables.add("drop_wp", {
  new Ajax.Request(''+element.title, {asynchronous:true,
evalScripts:true, method:'delete'});
Note that we are using plain prototype here because at the moment the
page is generated on the server we do not yet know what the URL might

They both give exactly(!) the same parameters in the generated
request, and they both invoke destroy. However, the second function
invokes the show method with the id of the page that was deleted, thus
giving an error, we just deleted that item! It doesn't obey the

The destroy function looks like this:
def destroy
   @page = @project.pages.find(params[:id])

We are using Scriptaculous version 1.8, Prototype version 1.6 and
Rails Edge.