REST with Rails: A Rails Workshop for Beginners

Announcing "REST with Rails," a fun, one-day workshop for those new to
developing RESTful applications in Rails.

Saturday, October 4, 2008, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Austin, Texas (downtown)
$295 per person

Geared for those who have started using Ruby on Rails and want to know
what REST is all about.

Topics include:

    * The big picture of what REST is really all about
    * How to create Rails applications according to Rails 2.1 best
    * All about routing: "RESTful routes", named routes, and more
    * How to deal with nested resources
    * How to turn your Rails apps into consumable XML and JSON web
    * How to tailor your views depending on the client device
(browser, iPhone, PocketPC, etc.)
    * How to write custom actions for your REST controllers
    * How to create and use custom MIME types in your application
    * How to use ActiveResource to consume your REST-based web

All of our workshops have limited seating, so we recommend signing up

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