REST: Handling homepage and pagination for XML

Hi you all,

I have two questions regarding a REST app and the XML responses:

- Homepage: I want to have a kind of homepage to list all the list of resources the user can access to. I've read I can do it with just an index.html. However, my app also offers the response in XML so, what if the client want the XML? Can I have an index.rxml too? In [1], they offer the possibility to have a HomeController to manage this kind of singleton resource. What do you think is the best choice?

- Pagination: I have the pagination of my resources managed with will_paginate plugin for HTML responses. How can I do it for the XML response? The only option will be doing it by hand (dunno, maybe counting the resources, dividing this number by x, being x the number of resources I want to list per page…and all this in the whatever.rxml file…this is not quite right). Suggestions?


[1] Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby, Restful Web Services, O'Reilly.