Resource Routing

James Hargreaves wrote:


Does anyone know anything about the 'resources' keyword in routing? I
can't find any details on how it works or what it is for, but URLs
starting 'resources' definitely appear to be handled differently from
other URLs?

Perhaps this article will help:

James Hargreaves wrote:

Thanks Jacob, very helpful!

A question, I think it is important that the name of a file is maintained in the URL so, for instance, if I uploaded a resource:


I would expect it to be available (through the 'resources' enhancement) here:

map.resources 'myfiles'


rather than just:


Is that something the resources enhancement will support?

Well, the resource identifier (12345) is just an identifier. It could just as well be "some-crazy-filename.doc". It will be put into the params[:id] string. I believe there is a Railscast episode about this, check out