Requesting a Special Section for "Merb" on this Forum


Its nice to have different sections mentioned below on this forum.
(1) Ruby
(2) JRuby
(3) IronRuby
(3) Ruby on Rails
(5) RForum
(6) Mongrel
(7) FxRuby
(8) Etc....

I Request for a special section for " Merb " Helping us to post
specially Merb related questions, since MERB is great option as a
Framework based on Ruby.

I hope many would like to explore " Merb" like me.


There's the merb google group. If you really want it mirrored on ruby-
forum I suggest you ask the nice person who runs ruby-forum, rather
than asking the 15000+ people reading this list who have no control
whatsoever about this.