Request for feedback on Ruby issues #14839 (Georgian) and #15195 (Japanese era name)

Dear Rails Core,

I hope this is the right way to contact you.
(If not, please tell me what I should do.)

I'm (informally) in charge of upgrading Ruby for new Unicode versions. In that context, I want to check with you whether there may be any issues from the Rails side for the following two Ruby issues:
    How to deal with capitalizing Georgian in Unicode 11.0.0
    How to deal with new Japanese era

Please just add your comments directly to these issues.

Issue #14839 is somewhat more urgent, because it has to be settled well before the Ruby 2.6 release around Christmas. My guess is that it might affect Rails in some convention-over-configuration case.

Issue #15195 is less urgent, but we want to be well prepared for May 2019.

Regards, Martin.

Appreciate the early warning, Martin.

Rails defers to Ruby on both of these matters. It appears our conventions will not be affected in either case.