Rendered Url in browser & Digg Script & meta tags

Question 1) How can i get my dynamically rendered page URL where it says digg_url??

<script type="text/javascript"> digg_url = ''; </script> <script src="; type="text/javascript"></script>

so i can have digg voters, vote for that specific page, not just one static page i type in.

Question 2) how can i dynamically add keywords to a page, such that on


my meta tag inside of my layout renders this pseudo code correctly

<% if some_phrase !== nil %>    <% @keyword = some_phrase %> <% else %>    <% @keyword = "" %> <% end %>   <meta name="keywords" content= <%= @keyword+"these,are,other,keywords,i,need" %> />

(BTW the above doesn't work, or i wouldn't be asking)

Question 3) how did you get so awesome at rails??