render :update and best practices

I'm pretty new to Rails and was wondering what the best practice is with respect to render :update. Should logic be placed in the :update blocks or should the logic be outside the blocks with separate blocks provided for each case?


render :update do |page|   if condition1      page.replace_html ...      <rest of code for condition 2>   else      page.replace_html...      <rest of code for condition 2> end


if condition1    render :update do |page|       <code for condition 1>    end else    render :update do |page|       <code for condition 2>    end end

Also, when is it preferable to use an RJS template over render :update?

I usually do it like second option (less code possible in render block), but not sure which is better and why.

As you have asked for better practice to use render :update. I would like to say best is that dont use render :update, have related rjs file for action. You could write render :update in controller action. But it is again MVC… render :update call is just for ui… we update divs, replace divs with the help of it. It gets difficult to handle also. There should be separation between view code and controller code.

– Anil