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Ar Chron wrote:

Nate Leavitt wrote:

Missing template account/ in view path

Seems like the path to your partial is wonky, as it's looking for
account/ (singular) while your folder name is accounts

Thanks for the reply... thanks for pointing that out. In my routes file
i reference account singular... so in my app i just reference some like
summary_account_path to go to the summary page in the accounts folder.
Maybe the formatted doesn't work the same?

Here is what I have in my routes file for account:

map.resource :account, :member => {
    :settings => :get,
    :reactivate => :put,
    :summary => :get
  }, :has_many => :users

So i was assuming I could reference
formatted_summary_account_path("help") the same way. Any ideas why this
isn't working?

Can anyone help me on why the formatted_summary_account_path('help')
would reference the plural for of accounts?

In my app I can reference summary_account_path which references the
'accounts' folder, but as soon as I add the formatted_ on it changes and
references the 'account' folder which doesn't exist.

Any ideas?

Nate Leavitt wrote:

Any ideas?

What does rake routes report?

I assume that you'll need to dig around in the helper to see exactly
what's going on as to why accounts becomes account in the formatted
version of the path...

For curiosity's sake, what happens if you

map.resources :accounts {etc etc}