Remove trailing zeros

Hi -

I am working with floats and am wondering how I can trim the decimal and trailing zeros on my whole numbers. For instance, whole numbers are being displayed as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc... I would like to remove the decimal and any trailing zeros with out effecting other non-whole number floats (ex. 1.375).

Any ideas? Help appreciated.

Maybe you can convert them to integers?

my_float = 2.0 my_float = my_float.to_i if my_float == my_float.to_i


Thanks - this seems easy enough.

The %g specifier to sprintf will do this automatically:

"%g" % 1.0 => "1"

"%g" % 1.375 => "1.375"

--Matt Jones

Thanks Matt - I'll try this out.

Best, NB

And how can I remove the trailing zeros if the value is to be shown in a text field?


<%= linea_form.text_field :unidades, :id => "invoice_line_units", :name => "invoice[lines_attributes][#{id_or_index}][units]", :size => 10 %>

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