remove rails application safely and neatly on debian server

Hi, Aina,

I *wish* this had a nice, straight-forward answer, but sadly, the
answer is "It Depends".

*If* the app developers followed the standard conventions, all the
code, assets, and other such non-database things should be under the
root of the application. That you can tar up and move over.

The next bit is the database itself. Depending on database chosen,
you'd use the appropriate tools to fully backup the database schema
and data and move that to the new server, create the database, and
load up the schema and data.

Thirdly is the actual web server configuration, and this is where it
really gets into the "It depends" thicket.

None of these is really how I would go about this, but then for
deployments I would have firstly gone the route of using a deployment
tool like capistrano, parrot, chef and the like. *IF* your application
developers and devops have already set this up, then it should be a
more straight-forward operation, with really oly the copy and
migration of the database data to worry about.

Sadly, without some real direct knowledge of your setup and situation,
it's hard to give very useful or good advice.

If the developer or devops of the original system aren't available for
consultation, it will probably involve learning a lot more about
deployment of rails apps in general, and then looking at the specifics
you have at hand.

Best of luck!