Remove from cart functionality......

hi all,

I am getting a problem when I am trying to remove an item from the cart
using Ajax. I have a view named display_cart.rhtml, a controller
store_controller.rb and a model cart.rb. I have written a method named
remove_from_cart in store_controller.rb and javascript in
display_cart.rhtml to display total cost after deleting the item from
the cart.
The method is:
def remove_from_cart
product = Product.find(params[:id])
  @cart = find_cart
   redirect_to :action => "display_cart" and return false

This is probably to do with the bit you haven't show us :-), ie whether your link_to_remote is set to update a div (which one?) and what is in display_cart.rhtml


don't use :position => 'top': that means 'add the returned content to the top of the named div', whereas what you want is to replace the content of the named div