Remove AV::Resolver/PathSet/LookupContext#find_all methods

There is not a single line of code in all of Rails that makes use of the .find_all template API, that doesn’t look like this: lookup.find_all(*args).first. Getting rid of the unnecessary Array handling would simplify the implementation.

Therefore I would like to propose to deprecate and remove the AV::Resolver#find_all/find_templates, AV::PathSet#find_all and LookupContext#find_all methods and replace them with AV::Resolver#find/find_template, AV::PathSet#find/find_if_exists and LookupContext#find/find_if_exists. Some of the classes already provide the #find methods so that would be mostly about replacing lookup.find_all(*args).first with lookup.find_if_exists(*args).

Would be willing to provide a patch.

/cc @josevalim.

I believe Action Mailer uses all templates returned by find_all. I'm on iPhone so I am not sure, but it should be aroun the each_template method .