remote:true with redirect. Does it make sence?

Dear community,

I have a small concern about remote true.
I am building simple twitter site. Let's say user has "tweet" from on
the main page and a list of tweets below.

here is what I do:
<%= form_tag("/tweets", method: "post", class: "new-tweet") do %>
    <%= label_tag(nil, "New tweet") %>
    <%= text_field_tag(:text,nil,remote:true, placeholder: "Enter your
tweet message here. Limit 140 symbols", maxlength: 140) %>
    <%= submit_tag("Tweet") %>
  <% end %>
  <div class="tweets">
    <% if @tweets %>
      <% @tweets.each do |tweet| %>
        <div class="tweet"><%= tweet.text %></div>
      <% end %>
    <% end %>

route /tweets leads to another controller which actually adds a tweet to
the users collection which is displayed on the main page. My question
is: Does it make sense to use "remote: true" in the form here in order
to not reload all page.

If my question does not make sense, here is a deal. How does
"remote:true" actually works and what benefits does it give?

The Rails guide has a great write-up on this:

Essentially, remote: true will handle submitting your form via ajax for you, but it’s on you to handle the response (since that’s going to be very application-specific). In your case, if the tweets are displayed in a list, maybe the action responds to ajax requests by rendering just a tweet template (versus the entire tweets collection), and your JS takes that HTML snippet and inserts it into the list.

Got it, so client side is on my shoulders :slight_smile:

Thank you, dear stranger!

You got it!

Yup, it’s on you, but it’s surprisingly simple since you’re only working on the response side. In just a few lines of code, I’ve done some cool stuff without a page refresh or client side framework.


Nice to meet you Jim.

Thank you for time.

I do realise how Ajax works and probably did not think long enough to
realise how it is implemented :slight_smile: