Relationship Advice - who do I belong to & can I have many?

Mic wrote:

Relationship Advice - who do I belong to & can I have many?

First off, I should point out that 'belong to' is a strong term. In any
good relationship, there should certainly be a sense of belonging
towards each other, but you shouldn't ever feel that you merely 'belong
to' somebody, as if you were their property. Otherwise you'll be
dependent on them, and what will happen when they're gone?

With that out of the way, the simple answer is that you belong to your
'significant other', although I admit that that's something of a
tautology. Do you have someone locally who responds to 'girlfriend',
'boyfriend', 'wife', or 'husband'? 'Honey'? 'Snookie-pie'? If you do,
chances are that you belong to them.

And to get the full benefits of the relationship, you should always
make sure the association is set up in the other direction as well.

You should note that in the case of 'wife' and 'husband', a slightly
more formal API applies:

As for the question of whether you can have many, the answer is
generally no, particularly in the case of the formal API (although, as
usual, there are exceptions depending on what environment you're in).
Most people just have one.

If you insist on having many, it is possible, and you'll find that each
relationship basically works the same as usual. And you can still keep
your original 'has one' relationship -- that way, you can refer to one
of your many (by default, the earliest one) as a special case.

Just make sure you don't confuse their names.

And you certainly don't want to find all of them in the same place.
It's probably best if you keep them within different scopes. Of course,
I don't recommend this kind of chicanery. It is likely to be deprecated
soon, anyway.