Regular Expression Too Big

Hi Guys,

Not sure exactly what happened or what caused the error, but when I
try to start my server or do a 'rails -v', I'm getting these strange

$ rails -v
1.8/rubygems.rb:75:in `require': /System/Library/Frameworks/
rbconfig.rb:165: regular expression too big: /\$\$|\$\(([^()]+)\)|\$\
{([^{}]+)\}/ (SyntaxError)
1.8/universal-darwin9.0/rbconfig.rb:168: regular expression too big: /
\A[^:]+(?=(?::(.*?)=(.*))?\z)/ from /System/Library/Frameworks/
  from /usr/bin/rails:9:in `require'
  from /usr/bin/rails:9
$ ruby script/server
script/server:2:in `require': ./script/../config/boot.rb:97: regular
expression too big: /^[^#]*RAILS_GEM_VERSION\s*=\s*["']([!~<>=]*
\s*[\d.]+)["']/ (SyntaxError)
  from script/server:2

It says something about the regular expression being too big? This
happens in all checkouts of my code now, and even different projects.
The only thing I did was did a pretty big commit to svn.

Any ideas?


if thats the ONLY thing you did, have you tried rolling back a couple