Refresh token using Omniauth-oauth2 in Rails application?

I am using omniauth-oauth2 in rails to authenticate to a site which supports oauth2. The site gives me after doing the oauth dance, which I then persist into the database

  1. Access Token
  2. Expires_AT (ticks)
  3. Refresh token Is there an omniauth method to refresh the token automatically after it expires or should I write custom code which to do the same.

If custom code is to be written, is a helper the right place to write the logic?



Last I remember omniauth does not support this at all. No, a helper is not the best place to do it, you should probably either background check the token and refresh it there or add it as a method to the user model since it's related to the user and it's behavior.


I added it to the User model which makes a rest-client call and gets the new refreshed code.

Here is the code

Cheers, Ganesh