Refresh tab content on click in JQuery UI Tabs

HI Guy’s

TAB1 and TAB2 have some radio button, checkbox and dropdown menu. When TAB1 is selected, I have to switch to TAB2 and then back to TAB1 to refresh the loaded content.

How to make TAB1 refresh loaded content when click on its tab?

code is something like that

    <ul class="tabs">
<li><a **href="#tab1"**    >Gallery</a></li>
<li><a **href="#tab2"**
<div class="tab_container">
<div **id="tab1"** class="tab_content">
<div **id="tab2"** class="tab_content">

You may try using jquery delegate or bind to send an ajax request to
update the contents when clicking. Something like;

$(document),delegate("#tab1", "click", function(){
  $.ajax({ your ajax call here });