Reflections on Site5 and Eleven2 for Rails

I am in Norway, and I have a few servers with Slicehost and Dreamhost, all located in USA, and I can’t complain about speed. I am able to fully utilize my ADSL upload and download from my servers, and I have 4000 bits ADSL, no slouch.

I would always go with speedy servers vs speedy service. Servers don’t break that often.


Aldric Giacomoni wrote:

Pål Bergström wrote:

Very valuable info. Tack. I suspect it's an issue with Site5 then.

I have used site5 for a while; I'll point them to this thread so they
can take a look. I've never noticed issues when it came to file

Are you in the US?

Could also be depending on the actual server I'm at, and you, if it's
full or not. We made a test with the Firewall letting me pass through
and that was better. Still a bit slow and sometimes pausing. But no time
out error this time. From this I suspect two things; the Firewall and a
busy server.

Aldric Giacomoni wrote:

Pål Bergström wrote:

I tried to send the same folder, with a lot of images in it, to my
eleven2 account in the server in London. Wow. Extremely fast.

Yes, I'm in the US. Maybe their service is poor for you... Maybe they
can fix that :slight_smile:

Yes maybe. But I will probably move over to Eleven2.