Refiring click event from a custom confirm using Rails 3 UJS data-confirm binding

Hi folks. Been banging my head against the wall for a while on this
one so figure I'd shoot it out there and see if anyone has insight.
I'm overriding the document.on("click", "*[data-confirm]",
function(event, element) method in rails.js, to call a custom dialog
instead of a straight browser confirm box, like so.

  document.on("click", "*[data-confirm]", function(event, element) {
  if (!window._confirmed) {
    var message = element.readAttribute('data-confirm');
    Mylib.confirm(element, message);

What this does is load up a javascript dialog with a cancel and okay
button. If the okay button is clicked, I set window._confirmed to
true, call an onclick on the original element, then reset
window._confirmed to false. This worked in Rails 2, since the
javascript was all inline via an onclick. However I haven't managed to
re-trigger the click using the Rails 3 UJS method.

Hoping someone has some insight to what's probably a simple issue that
I just can't see right now. Cheers.

Solved, using the fantastic event.simulate.js prototype extension.