Referential integrity in Rails

Hi there

As you might guess, I come from the Java enterprise world. I'm
considering using Rails for my next web app, and have to say I'm very
impressed with the speed of development.

However, as I get past the basic tutorials/demos, I have yet to see
good examples of a more complex domain model. Could anyone point me to
some good references/resources please?



I'm not sure what level of complexity you're looking for, but one of
the more well-known open source Rails projects that is at least a step
or two above trivial examples is the Typo blog engine (http:// Disclaimer - I've never looked at
its code, and have no information on the quality of it whatsoever.

Additionally, while not full-on projects themselves, there are very
well-written Rails plugins that do set up structures for DB
persistence (the OAuth Rails plugin and Authenticated System plugins
come immediately to mind). Those might be a good starting point.