Recommended search library?


bbqTree schrieb:

maybe i should go with ferret since its most widely use?




I prefer acts_as_searchable. It user HyperEstraier (it seems to have
better utf support then ferret).

It is a bit more complex to setup HyperEstraier, but I think it is
worth it.


Hi Hamza,

In what way is the utf8 support better? Just curious.



Well I guess that statement does not have much weight behind it. I
should not have said that, it is just my impression :slight_smile:

I can just base that on past experiance. If you go to the
HyperEstraier demonstration site, in Japanese
( You
will see that it handles utf-8 very nicely.

When I was working on , I first started using
Ferret, but found that I was having difficulities indexing the content.
So I tried using HyperEstaier, and it just seemed to make the index.

Looking back, it might not have anything to do with utf-8, just my lack
of knowledge.


Maybe not. Ferret has come a long way in the last few months. UTF-8
data should be fine. The only problem you might run into now is if you
use mixed data encodings like UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 together but I
imagine this wouldn't be good in HyperEstraier either. Maybe I'm wrong
and it does detecting the data encoding somehow.