Recaptcha plugin problem

Hi all,

I am using radiant CMS and I am trying to create custom extension and add recaptcha validation to it but when I call    if not verify_recaptcha(:private_key => 'aaaaaaaaaaa')      #add error    end I get: undefined method `verify_recaptcha' for #<Comment:0x4f4c460>

Bellow is the full code for my model class

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates_presence_of :title, :author, :comment, :message => 'required'

  validate :check_captcha

  def check_captcha     if not verify_recaptcha(:private_key => 'aaaaaaaaaaa')       errors.add(:title, 'def error');     end   end


Please someone help

10x in adance, Ilian Iliev