Reading Ruby Books on a Kindle?

I've not seen one myself but most of the book reading focuses of novels and I'm just wondering if anybody's seen either books from Pragmatic Programmers or Manning Publications render successfully on the new Amazon Kindle device? Technical books comprise of nearly most of my active reading so I'm interested just how useful this new device is with respect to technical books and it's no secret that there's an ever increasing list of Ruby / Rails books produced in electronic format.

you can try this one:

personally , after reading that diveintomark bit, I'm not really all
that enthusiastic

Well I believe it’s possible to convert regular PDF’s to the format the Kindle uses hence I expect a lot of the work by publishers that already provide ebooks such as manning and pragmatic programmers to be already available for the Kindle. I was just interested in hearing how readable these texts are on the device as the device is mainly targeted towards readers of non technical materials.

Ive been using the Nokia devices like the N800 to read ebooks in PDF
format. Manning, Pragmatic Programmers, Apress and Friends of Ed all have
technical books including a lot of the Ruby titles.

The Linux-based N800 has a bright color 800x480 pixel screen,
built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, a web browser and lots of apps
available for it. At $240 (, its a great value compared to the
$350 and limited functionality of the Amazon Kindle. I have a 4Gb miniSD
card on which I can carry all the books and docs that I need.,n800

Another concern is that you might not be able to get anything on the
kindle depending on where you live:

There are sizable areas of the US which don't have the necessary evdo coverage Most are sparsely populated, but if you happen
to live there...