Reading an API Server Response


I am trying to debug an API. Towards the end of the process, the
remote server sends me a request. I respond to that request with:
render :text => my_response, :status => 200. I am trying to find out
how to read the remote server's response.

So basically this is a three part cycle. How do I access the third

1. Remote Server sends a request
2. I respond with text and a status of 200
3. Remote Server responds with the results of the transaction.

How do I access this third response? I specifically would like to log
the body of the response so that I can read it and figure out what is
going on through the api calls.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


There's no such thing as a response to a response. #3 would be a
second request, assuming that the remote server is programmed to
initiate one. And in that case, presumably you'll know what URL it's
requesting, right?