RE: [Rails] Re: IDE which allows STEP-THROUGH? - Does one exist?

Greg Hauptmann wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone know whether there is a Ruby IDE (free or not free) that
> supports STEP-THROUGH? i.e. the ability to step through
the code as
> it is executing?

Yes, Ruby In Steel has had this for some time -
step-into/step-over; breakpoints; watch variables; autos;
locals; call-stack (etc.)

Activestate Komodo has this feature too. Version 4.0 (still in alpha)
has a nice HTTP inspector that allows you to do Ajax debugging as well.

- Mark.

how about “code complete” or “intellisense” or whatever they call that context sensitive drop down list for available methods for the class you’re on - do any of these IDEs offer this? is this possible with a dynamic language?

sounds great Huw

guys - any other IDE’s right now that support intellisense? (or is this still a niche yet to be filled)