RE: [Rails] Rails Zero

This could work. I'm thinking, like an extension to BaseCamp or
something. Or similar. It would need:

1. A well-designed web app for project management
2. A zero-config Rails server, and
3. Easy editing: ftp/scp along with bundles for the most popular

Allowing developers to use their own editor is an _essential_
ingredient. So Zero Rails would need a TextMate bundle to start with
(for editing files and uploading changes), and emacs/vi/vim bundles
later on.

Cool idea!


Still...having that ability (say if on the road or at an off-site
location) to log in using a browser...make a quick change and 'presto'
it's live sure would be neat. Maybe not for everyday/everytime
use...but a handy feature none-the-less.