Re:HTTP download

The application i am working requires me to upload and download a any
type of file. I am using net:HTTP for upload part. The code looks
somethijng like this. This works perfectly fine.
              uri = URI.parse($URL)
              http =, uri.port)
              resp,$payload=, $payload, {'Content-
$receiverid,'aprf'=>$aprf,'snrf'=> $snrf,'datatype'=>'binary'})
              puts "The HTTP response is #{resp.code}

As notices above the application service is invoked using header file
commands. Now i want to download a file via HTTP. The change required
is just in headers. But i am unable to get it to work so far from
above code.
Can anybody help.

Apart from the fact that I don’t understand your question (how is the “download” code anyway related to the “upload” code you mention?), you are using dollar signs to assign your variables, which in Ruby is a global variable and except for very rare cases should NEVER be used. You are mixing up PHP idioms and syntax with Ruby. It might work perfectly fine but it is perfectly wrong in every way.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt